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Supply Drive & Fundraiser

Hosted by Revera Meadowlands Retirement Residence

We are extremely grateful for this fundraiser organized entirely by the wonderful folks at Revera Meadowlands Retirement Residence!

Meadowlands is PROUD to be pet friendly as they know the joy one can get from the love of a furry friend. In support of SAHS, they are hosting a supply drive and fundraiser on January 20, 2022. They are hosting the event drive through style to make it convenient and safe for all.

Drive through drop off will be from 

12:30 to 2:00 pm on January 20, 2022, though you are welcome to drop off your donations the entire week.

 SAHS is most in need of cat food (wet and dry), toys for cats and dogs, and monetary donations for vet bills.

Hot chocolate and homemade dog treats (by Meadowlands' chef) will be offered to all those who attend the drive through!

We really hope to see great support of this event, as we are astounded by the support we have received from these wonderful people. This fundraising idea was completely their own; they created their own poster, organized the whole event and took the time to deliver flyers all around town as well. Fundraisers such as this are a huge gift as everything is completely taken care of, and we cannot even begin to express how thankful we are!

SAHS Valentine's Basket Draw

Our Valentine's Basket Draw is brought to you by three local businesses who are always giving back to their community, and who are proud to help us out with funding in order to better the lives of lost, stray, unwanted and relinquished animals in our area!

Special thanks to:

South Country Co-op

 Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

 Davis GMC Buick

The lucky winner of this beautiful basket will receive 14k yellow gold diamond earrings valued at an amazing $2000.00!! Also included: Champagne with two glasses, along with some decadent chocolates. Draw date is February 14th at Comfort Inn & Suites Medicine Hat! Tickets are $10.00 each. Surprise your sweetheart for her special day. ❤

To purchase tickets via Debit, Credit, or PayPal: 

Choose the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase below, click "Add to cart". On the right hand side of your screen, you will see a little cart symbol, click that symbol to complete your order!

Valentine's Day Basket Ticket

Other ways to purchase tickets: 

2) Send an etransfer to [email protected] (please specify Valentine's basket in your comments so we know where to allocate the funds).

3) Call (587) 253-4203 to request tickets.

4) Visit the following local businesses in person:

Posh Wash

The Mainliner Pub

Pet Park Boarding Kennel

We are proudly 100% volunteer run and 100% fundraiser driven, and every single dollar raised will go directly to the animals in our care for veterinary needs, training requirements, food, supplies and creature comforts.

License # 590216

Make a Donation 

In Memory of 

Betty White

Betty White was a well known and beloved actress and comedian. She was also a huge pet enthusiast and animal welfare advocate, who spent much of her time raising money for animal shelters and animal rights organizations. Sadly, she passed away at 99 years of age, on December 31, 2021, just a few weeks before her 100th Birthday. 

The #BettyWhiteChallenge is happening around the globe on her birthday, January 17th, 2022. 

The event asks fans to donate $5.00 or more to a local animal rescue or shelter. 

Please consider participating in this wonderful event, and make a donation to SAHS in her memory.  Help make her 100th birthday the moment she deserves. 

Donations can be made via e-transfer to [email protected], or by PayPal via the link below. Please include the words "BettyWhiteChallenge" in your message so we know where to allocate the funds. 

Thank you for your generosity!

Tupperware Fundraiser

Dixie Mel Saam, a supporter of SAHS and a Tupperware Saleslady, created this fundraiser and is donating an incredible 20% of her commissions to us! We are so thankful! 

A message from Dixie: 

"I've decided to do a Betty White Mystery Host Tupperware Party! As we all know, Betty White passed away only a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, so in honor of her 100th Birthday, Let's Party!!!


I will be donating 20% of the party profits (my commission) in Betty White's name to Southern Alberta Humane Society.

As an added bonus, for everyone that places an order, your name will go in for the chance to win the Hostess rewards!!

This party will start January 15th, with the party hour on January 17th at 7-8pm MST."

Thank you to Dixie Mel Saam for hosting this fundraiser! Click the links below to be directed to the Tupperware Party Group, or to be directed to Dixie's Tupperware page. 

Click here to go to the Betty White Tupperware Party Group

Click here to go to Dixie Mel Saam's Tupperware page

Tru Earth Fundraiser

Tru Earth is an eco-conscious company founded in British Columbia, Canada, who's critical cause is to make true lasting change that helps save the planet, and they work hard to keep waste out of our landfills. Their zero waste laundry detergent eco-strips are manufactured right here in Canada, and are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, plastic free, and great for sensitive skin. They come in plastic-free packages and double as a shipping envelope, further cutting back on waste. Each strip of Tru Earth Liquidless laundry detergent weighs just 3g, and packs the same power as 40g of premium liquid or powdered detergents.

They also have other environmentally friendly items available to purchase such as cutlery, produce bags, snack bags, food wraps, tote bags, and more! Check out our fundraiser page by clicking the button below, or scanning the unique QR code! 

Tru Earth started their donation program as an initiative due to Covid-19 when household supplies were hard to find and aid organizations were struggling to ensure everyone had clean clothes. They saw this as a call for help, and jumped into action! They have helped so many organizations through their generosity and hard work, and have made an enormous impact with their program! We thank Tru Earth for offering their support to our cause! 

  When you order a product from our Tru Earth fundraiser page (link & QR code below), 20% of the total sales value will go to the Southern Alberta Humane Society. You can feel good knowing you are purchasing products that help save the environment!

Click to visit the SAHS Tru Earth Fundraiser Page

If becoming a foster home is an idea you’ve been tossing around, we would love to hear from you!

Our circumstances are ever changing and we like to have a few different homes on hand for when we need them, as well as available homes for intakes. 

Give us a call or email [email protected] if you are interested! 


The Southern Alberta Humane Society needs your support!

We recently experienced a fire in our intake building, and the lives of two cats were tragically lost. We are beyond devastated. This building is also where we had the majority of our supplies. Our day to day operations have been directly affected, as is our ability to take in cats, as this was our intake building.

Blaze and Squeaker are both cats who were extremely dear to everyone who has had them in their lives. They have both been cared for in more than one foster home, and several hearts are broken over their loss. We hope that by reaching out to come up with what we need to move forward, we do their lives some honor. Thank you in advance for any amount you are able to donate, and please join us in remembering Squeaker and Blaze. 

How can you help? 

You can donate via the PayPal link below. You may also send an e-transfer to [email protected]. Please include a note that your donation is for the fire so we know where to allocate the funds.  Thank you for your support!


Silent Auction Sunday is brought to you by our sponsors:

 Davis GMC Buick

 Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

 South Country Co-op

Check out our Facebook page every Sunday for a chance to win our silent auction. We will announce ONE new item EVERY Sunday, with bidding running from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM. The lucky winner will be announced in the comment section of every post. Items and values will vary, so be sure to keep your eye out for each week's deal!

Every dollar raised for SAHS goes directly to our vet bill, as well as food and supplies for the animals in our care. 

Thank you for the support of our amazing community!

Click here to go to our Facebook page!


We owe great big thanks to Redcliff Bottle Depot and Shamrock Bottle Depot, where we now have accounts open. You can take your bottles in any time and ask them to donate the funds to the Southern Alberta Humane Society. We really appreciate them going the extra mile for us, and they are always so helpful and friendly!

If you don't wish to take your bottles in yourself, you can watch for our regular bottle drive or let us know any time that you would like them picked up, and we will swing by and take them off your hands. 

We also have some wonderful sponsors on board who sponsor all of our fundraisers! These supportive local businesses are:

South Country Co-op

Davis GMC Buick

Rafter SL Real Estate at Better Homes & Gardens Medicine Hat

Every single penny raised goes directly to the animals in our care, primarily for veterinary care.

Thank you in advance!


Dedicated Nonprofit Animal Rescue & Welfare Organisation

The Southern Alberta Humane Society rescues and provides shelter for abandoned or stray pets in Redcliff, Cypress County, Medicine Hat, and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in adopting one, feel free to get in touch with us. We are always accepting Fosters and Volunteers who are interested in supporting our cause.

Make a difference by saving unwanted animals in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas by sending your donations to the Southern Alberta Humane Society.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe refuge for lost and unwanted animals and to find a permanent, loving home for them. We believe that we are their final hope, and we strive to do the best we can for them.

Learn More About Us