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Our Adoptable Animals Section is generously 

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Meet our adorable, adoptable cats...



Born May 24, 2021

Born May 24, 2021, this pair is a fantastic opportunity to add not one, but TWO loveable cats to your home!

These spayed Tuxedo cats have been through a lot, and they are now a bonded pair and will only be adopted out together. Cheryl & Mallory have spent the last five months living in a seniors home where they enjoyed all kinds of special love and attention. They had extra room to roam, loved to visit the nurses and the senior residents, made friends with much of the staff and even had a safe outdoor courtyard where they could come and go as they pleased. They were the rulers of the extra chairs and the nurses stations and won over the hearts of many.

Their time there has passed and they have returned to us, and we want to place them in an absolutely exceptional home where they will know the deep love of family for life. They are both outstanding cats, tuxedos are always loyal, smart, friendly, outgoing companions. These girls are also microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or click on the adoption form below.

Click here for the adoption form 

❤️ TOMMY ❤️

Born June 18, 2020

 Meet Tommy, a black and white domestic short hair adult male. Tommy is neutered, microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated.

At the moment, Tommy lives in a house with 2 cats and a Boston terrier. He is very social and likes to be the boss. He also does well with kids, and he is currently in a home with two boys, ages 7 and 9.

He has a great playful nature, and his foster family loves watching him chase his cat toys and run after a laser pointer. Most of Tommy’s days are spent playing with other cats, lounging on the cat tree and waiting for his next feed. He loves his food! He also enjoys being the watch cat at the end of the bed every night.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or click on the adoption form below.

Click here for the adoption form 

❤️ Winnie & Joey ❤️

Born December 2, 2018

Winnie and Joey are fun-filled cats who are a bonded pair and will only be adopted out together. 

Winnie is a gray tabby, and Joey is a handsome Tuxedo. Both love to go outside on harnesses for fresh air and adventure!

Joey is very snuggly and affectionate, and he comes up and rubs his face on his foster dad all the time. He is the most affectionate cat in the foster home (4 total) and his foster dad really enjoys having him around. He has lots of silly antics and is always making his foster dad laugh. Joey is a very outgoing and sweet soul!

Winnie isn't the type of cat to seek out attention, but she is perfectly happy to hang out near you and likes a scritch on the top of the head and neck. She doesn't always like other cats, although she has been fine with the other cats in her foster home. Joey can be scared of dogs at first, and neither has ever lived with dogs, so we will want to ensure that they will be introduced to pets in their new home using slow, proper introduction methods. 

 Both Winnie and Joey will let you pick them up, but they really prefer to come to you when they want to, and they will give you attention when they feel like it. They love treats, so anyone interested in training them would likely have great success!

They are both very playful with things like toys with feathers on a rope or stick. They spend most of their day laying down and their foster Dad says they love the heat up to about 36 degrees C. Joey loves going on top of things like fridges and tables, and he will even jump into your arms sometimes when he feels like it. 

Both Winnie & Joey will greet new people or folks they know at the door when they get company, and they're happy to be part of a family. They are a unique pair, and they will make incredible pets for someone's lucky home! 

If you are interested in adopting, click on the adoption form below or email us at [email protected]

Click here for the adoption form 

Selena Lapp of Rafter SL Real Estate is currently sponsoring Joey and Winnie!

Thank you for your generosity!

Cute and Cuddly!

These adorable kittens were born on March 2, 2022, and are ready for adoption!

❤️ ZAZA ❤️

This little cutie is a medium hair tabby who is absolutely adorable! He's received all of his vaccinations, and he is dewormed and microchipped as well.

Zaza is the largest and most dominant of his litter. He loves to play, but also sits back sometimes and just watches the show as if he is supervising the other cats. Zaza has always been the protector of his siblings as well. 

He loves to play with anything that moves, and he loves toys! Zaza also really loves to nap on a cat tree and he's happy to be picked up for some snuggles.

❤️ ALMOND ❤️

This adorable male kitten is a little sweetheart who just loves to play, and he can be difficult to get photos of because he's always on the move!

Almond is an adventurous and super clever kitten who learns quickly. He's believed to be a future "fetcher," and is always packing his fuzzy balls around. He is very sweet and affectionate.

He loves being with humans, and loves to try and climb their legs. He also loves to climb the cat tree! Almond loves to play with feet and slippers, where he will shortly after fall asleep on them. What a cutie!

Almond is a handsome dude and his wonderful purr and sweet cuddles are sure to win your heart. His appetite is something to behold as well!


Click here for the adoption form 

❤️ SISSY ❤️

Born April 12, 2020

Sissy is a lovely domestic short hair Calico cat who is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed.

Sissy is a loving companion who would thrive in a home where she is the only pet, but we will carefully consider homes with other cats or calmer dogs. She is in foster care with children and is doing well with them. She loves naps, watching out windows, sleeping and getting pets. 

Email us at [email protected]

 if you have any questions or click on the adoption form below.

Click here for the adoption form 

Davis GMC Buick Medicine Hat is currently sponsoring Sissy!

Thank you for your generosity!

Meet Sammy the Sweetheart!

Sammy was born October 1, 2010 and is an 11-year-old domestic short hair Calico. 

She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go.

Sammy is full of resilience and spunk. She has recently experienced a move

 and is handling it well thus far! 

She was diagnosed as diabetic shortly after she came into our care and she requires minimal Insulin injections and special food at a total cost of around $65-$85/m.

She takes her injections well and they are quite easy to do. 

Her new owner will be taught how administer her injections properly and easily.

She is a beautiful, loving girl who is always described by everyone 

who knows her as an absolute sweetheart!

Sammy would prefer to be an only cat as she just generally doesn't socialize a lot 

with other cats in the home and she has also had bad experiences with dogs in the

 past, so she will need to join a home that is dog free.

Sammy would be okay with older children, but loves to relax and chill, 

so younger children would not be ideal.

Please contact us if you would like to give this sweet, loving girl a forever home!

Click to print adoption application

❤ PEKO ❤

Peko is an amazing, loving and sweet senior orange tabby with ongoing medical requirements.

He was rescued from the streets after becoming a regular visitor at a local nursing home where all the residents fell in love with him on his regular visits. They could see he needed medical attention, and they saved his life by calling a rescue.

Peko is currently in an incredible foster home where his foster mom showers him with love and affection, and he absolutely adores her. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for being willing to be Peko's long-term foster as his care needs continue to be met.

Click here for the adoption form 


Born May 19, 2021

Thunder is a beautiful domestic short hair black tabby, and he is just about the sweetest little guy ever! 

This beauty is a playful little goof! His favorite toys are puffy balls that he likes to ‘dribble,’ and then carry around the house. He has a lot of potential to be a fetcher. He also has a quiet purr that’s always going, he loves belly rubs and to flop by your side for some company. He has a sweet, calm, loving personality and we think he's pretty special!

Email us at [email protected]

 if you have any questions or click on the adoption form below.


❤️ SHADOW ❤️

Born May 19, 2021

Shadow is a domestic short hair gray neutered tabby.

Shadow is a purr machine with the slightest bit of attention and loves belly ribs, scratches and lots of cuddles. He really loves to hang out with his humans. 

Email us at [email protected]

 if you have any questions or click on the adoption form below.


Adorable Kittens!

These five kittens below were born on February 2, 2022, and are ready to go! Read more about them below. If you are interested in adoption, complete an application below.

Cuteness overload!!

Harry is so sweet! Even though he is little, he does possess some braveness!

Harry is a bit goofy and loves to wrestle, but he also loves his snuggles. This special guy is a bundle of love!


Little Love Bug!!

This gal is extra special - she’s the only girl in a sea of males! As expected and as necessary, she is very vibrant, playful and tough!!

Ginny is cuddly, but is independent and does not need as much attention as her brothers. We think she’s extraordinary, and this domestic short hair black tabby is very beautiful.


Ron is a domestic short hair orange tabby.

Gingers are known to be amazing pets who are gentle, loyal and loving and we expect big things from little Ron! His foster family says he is just the sweetest.

Ron is the smallest in his litter, and he enjoys lots of cuddles. He's still a little scared of the big, wide world, but he has a BIG personality and loves to play!


George is a handsome domestic short hair dilute ginger tabby.

He is rambunctious, but loves a cuddle! He is definitely the biggest in the bunch and a little bit of a bully in a kitten-playful way.

Even though George does love a cuddle, he's only there for a bit until he's moving on to his next adventure!


Fred is an incredibly adorable wee kitten.. Even though he’s brand new to the world, he’s ready for his forever home!

This orange tabby is developing every day and his foster family says he is a gem!

He's the second biggest in his litter, and he is free spirited and wild! He needs love, but is happy to play until he drops from exhaustion!